Thursday, March 9, 2017

Snow South and a Tuesday Snow Event Looms

Here we are in March and it feels like we're back in January.

Tonight, we could see a few snow flakes in our area, especially in South County. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and easter Mass all could see 2-4 inches from a clipper-type system moving west to east through southern New England. The bulk of Berkshire County will not be affected by this storm, but if anyone were to get a delay tomorrow morning, it would have to be Southern Berkshire students, giving them their second delay this week. It's not very likely that the snow line will creep into South County but it's a possibility worth warning folks about. Just be aware.

Are Southern Berkshire students ready for their second delay this week? We shall see!
But the GSD Staff is much more focused on a storm for Tuesday. We've noticed that the major models are all in agreement that we will see a moderate snow event starting Monday night and lasting throughout the day on Tuesday. It is very unusual to see the models in such agreement this many days ahead of a storm. The models do not agree on the timing or amount of liquid precipitation, but all of them are calling for snow on Tuesday. If the trend of this winter is going to continue, our GSD gut instinct tells us widespread snow days will be the rule not the exception on Tuesday. We, of course, reserve our right to change our minds over the weekend, but many signs are staring us in the face for a moderate snow event.

Speaking of the weekend, gird yourselves for another brutally cold one. We got word today that Williams College cancelled their women's lacrosse game for the weekend due to the cold. Yes, it will be as bad as last weekend (but winds won't be quite as strong). Don't get lulled into a false sense of security because of how warm it was on Wednesday and Thursday. Cover up appropriately if you're going to be outside on Saturday and/or Sunday morning for a prolonged period of time.

And don't forget those clocks on Saturday night. Bump them ahead 1 hour.

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