Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Snow for Saturday

Now that we've had a day to dig out, we have a few observations on the most recent storm.

Forecasters definitely hit it right on the nose for Berkshire County, but they whiffed on their prediction for NYC and Boston. We almost had another Trump/Hillary, Pats/Falcons, Moonlight/La La Land scenario on our hands. We heard of one teacher in Berkshire County who promised he would give students 100s on their most recent quizzes AND staple $100 to their quizzes if there was no snow day on Tuesday. He came a lot closer to making his students very happy than he probably realizes. The bust potential increased dramatically as the storm veered more westward.

The big winners were the Adirondacks and northern Vermont. Tuesday's storm dumped 30+ inches on Burlington, VT, making it the second biggest storm on record there.

The forecasted precipitation for Saturday evening. A fifth of an inch of liquid--as seen here--will yield 2-3 inches of snow.
In the wake of the storm, we've been left with some very cold January-like air. We won't get above freezing until Saturday afternoon when an Alberta Clipper comes a-visiting. This system should move on past us to the south, but parts of the County could see 2-4 inches by Sunday morning. Those in South County and in higher elevations have a better chance of needing the snow shovel again.

As for next week, temps will moderate and get into the 40s before the mid and low 20s return on Wednesday. Also, we're eyeing some kind of snow/mixed precipitation event for next weekend.

Happy first day of March Madness!

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