Sunday, March 12, 2017

Early Maps

It must be a big storm as we have maps a full 12 hours sooner than normal. Let's compare:

Fox/ABC News of Albany

NBC Channel 22 in Springfield

Our good friends at Channel 13 in Albany
Aesthetically, we like Channel 13's effort. The blend of a deep royal contrasted with the white and then tinges of lilac and true purple in the far left corner is soothing. But you have to love the bluntness of Channel 22's effort. This palate says, "It's gonna snow a lot. Let's not make this complicated." And then there's something sinister about the Fox/ABC graphic. That fang of 14-22" inches is menacing.

All in all a fine first effort by the weekend meteorologists. The weekday regulars take over tomorrow, and we'll share their creativity at some point during the day.

For actual information about the storm, see the previous few posts.

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