Thursday, March 30, 2017

April Fool's Eve Snow Storm -- Morning Report

We have a few tidbits for you this morning as you prepare for snow day 7, 8 or 9 for your school.

*The timing of the storm is now not as good as we thought it would be a few days ago. It's still very good, but it looks like the snow will start for the Berkshires between 6 and 7 AM. So, this means Superintendents are going to have to make their decision based on the forecasted snow and anticipated driving conditions, which is never an ideal scenario.

*It will snow and sleet throughout the day for Northern Berkshire county, but we'll see a changeover to rain south of I-90. Higher elevation towns will see snow all day with a lesser chance of sleet mixing in.

*Snow-to-liquid ratios will be low for this storm. The snow will be a nightmare to shovel if it accumulates over 6 inches.

*The period of heaviest snow is expected to be in the early evening on Friday. Snow will last until the earliest hours of Saturday.

Right now we think snow days and early releases are in play. Delays seem unlikely given the 6 AM start to the storm. We could see some schools making the call to go with an early release tomorrow morning as the morning drive will likely not be as bad as it potentially could be in the afternoon.

The words we are consistently seeing from our weather sources are "low confidence." There are so many moving parts--the timing, the intensity of the late March sun, the rates of expected precipitation--that it will be hard to predict the final outcome. The warm late March sun makes a changeover likely, but if the precipitation comes down hard enough, that will pull cool air in and prolong our period of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night.

You can see why this will have to be a "game day decision." No Superintendent will make his or her call tonight--of that you can be assured.

We do have a few maps to share, with more to come later.

From NBC Channel 22 in Springfield. 
From the National Weather Service in Albany.
Of course we'll have much more later today as we start to see a few more runs of the models.

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