Monday, February 29, 2016

Slight Chance for Delays Wednesday

We're still paying attention to the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning weather event, but our confidence is waning as the storm appears to be taking a track that will lead to snow to our north and just plain rain for the Berkshires. Rats. Foiled again.

We will see some snow initially. The first hour or two of precipitation--around midnight Tuesday--will come down in the form of snow. But the temperature will rise quickly throughout the night and creep up all the way to the low 40s by 7 AM. That is definitely not what we want to see if you are jonesing for a delay of any kind, as most of us are.

The streak of near misses continues into March. Thanks to Accuweather, for the image.
There's a very far-to-the-outside shot that the storm will track more to the east than the models are predicting. In fact, the last few storms have strayed from their predicted tracks. That's really the only good news we can provide for you with this forecast.

Evening school activities should be spared from the inclement weather on Tuesday night. We see no need to cancel any tournament games or school concerts or performances as the brief period of snow will come later that evening.

Even further evidence the storm will miss us to the north. This map shows the forecasted snow totals by 6 PM Wednesday.

You may remember we also were looking at a possible snowy Friday. We still are, but accumulations look to be very light. This storm will track well to our south, so any snow accumulations will be limited to southern Berkshire County. Again, we're watching the track of it intently and hoping for changes.

Two items for the next two days: 1) Vote tomorrow and 2) Get out your galoshes for Wednesday!

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