Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thunderstorms in February

We don't think it's just us. Something is seriously wrong with the weather. Coldest February on record (2015). Warmest year ever (2015). Sixty degree days in December (2015) and February (2016). Thunderstorms in February (2016).

It's rare to find a year where at least some weather record is broken, but to have so many extreme weather events clustered together suggests that something is amiss and it's going to take an incredible amount of effort, restraint, and change in our thinking to try to slow down the forces that seem to be spiraling our weather patterns out of control.

There may come a day when Greylock Snow Day becomes Greylock Weather Event Day. Superstorms, tornadoes, flooding, power outages--perhaps these are the kinds of events we'll tracking as part of our delay/day off/early release predictions in the future.


As for good, ol' fashioned snow, we may see some on the back edge of this storm tonight. Expect to see snow showers later in the evening as the temperatures drop down to more seasonal norms. Locations with higher elevations are the more likely candidates for accumulating snow.

Next week's models continue to show a potential snow/mixed precipitation/rain storm for Wednesday into Thursday. This refrain is starting to sound familiar, which means we will likely see all rain. Still, the GSD Staff is tracking it and will let you know.

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