Thursday, February 4, 2016

Multiple Chances for Snow (and Snow Days)

All signs are pointing to a messy, snowy start for next week.

The first item of interest, though, is a developing coastal storm that will impact eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island tomorrow. A storm that was supposed to go out to sea has turned inland and will drop up to half a foot on the southeastern parts of New England. There's a chance we could see a few stray flakes from this storm--especially in southern Berkshire County--so just be aware that a period of very light snow is possible during the day on Friday.

As for the excitement of next week, the computer models are all over the place, but a few certainties are starting to form. The first item of interest for us is that we will be dealing with two storms next week--one on Monday night and one on Tuesday night. The Monday night storm will come out of the Southeast and it could impact us if it turns inland (similar to what tomorrow's storm is doing). We could see a 2-4 inches out of the Monday night snow, which could delay school on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night the low from the Midwest (that we talked about yesterday) is expected to move to the coast and then reform there. This could set up a traditional coastal storm scenario where western New England is the big winner. The only problem with the Tuesday night storm that we're seeing is that there might not be quite enough precipitation with it. We've seen a long-range map that predicts only about a third of an inch of liquid precipitation, which would only yield us 4 inches of snow. If the timing were right, though, that could be enough to cancel school on Wednesday or at least give us a delay.

Despite how amazing the computer models are these days in their ability to predict the weather, next week's many moving parts will make it difficult for the models to get a real handle on the scenarios this far in advance of the storms.

So here is GSD's three-step method for getting ready for the possibility of snow next week: 1) Don't get too excited too soon; 2) Channel as much positive energy toward these storms as possible; 3) Wait until Sunday until we have more information.

Welcome these storms in your mind and good things will come. Believe, Flake Followers, believe.

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