Saturday, February 27, 2016

Two More Chances

Okay. Let's try this again. We have identified two weather events for the upcoming week that could impact the length of school on Wednesday and Friday. But given the way this winter has gone, you might say we're a bit bear-ish on these possible snow/frozen precipitation/rain storms.

Here's what our hopes are hanging on: a Tuesday night into Wednesday storm and a possible Friday storm. The Tuesday night/Wednesday morning scenario has more potency. Once again, the models are not in agreement. A more easterly track of the storm favors snow and ice; a more westerly track will yield plain ol' rain. The models are, of course, in disagreement. Thus, we can only put the chance of delays on Wednesday at 15% on the True North Confidence Meter.

Friday's snow event is even less certain. There's some evidence that a coastal low will form from an Alberta Clipper, but again the models are not seeing eye-to-eye. The best case scenario for Friday's event would be 3-5 inches of snow. If the timing is right, we could be in business for more delays, but that seems like a reach at this point in the proceedings.

Thank you, Accuweather.
The GSD Staff is much more intrigued by the Tuesday night/Wednesday storm. The timing is perfect, and the models do actually agree on the timing right now. (That's a first!) So, we're really, really hoping the storm A) starts around midnight (so we can get the Western Mass playoff basketball games in on Tuesday night) and B) it impacts the morning commute and C) it tracks to the east so that it's all snow and mixed precipitation. We're not asking too much, are we?

Check in regularly here to stay updated. We'll provide more info tomorrow night (but not as late as tonight).

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