Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two Hour Delay for MCLA; Break in the Rain Expected

Even though it's vacation week for most students in the Berkshires, we can officially report one of the first delays of the season. MCLA has decided to postpone the start of classes until 10 AM this morning.

This decision seems extra cautious as it is no longer raining and the temperature has risen all the way to 48 at the GSD Home Office at the time of this post (7:30).

We might see a much quieter day than we originally thought. Check out the 7:30 radar:

That big curve of precipitation is moving due north. The yellow and green clump down by Virginia and North Carolina is what will eventually hit us. This means that the morning will only present intermittent light showers; the heavy rain we were expecting all day will now only fall in the afternoon.

The GSD Staff suggestion is pick an Oscar-nominated film and go see it--several are sill playing in and around the Berkshires.

As for the rest of the week, it's pretty uneventful. Normal winter days (high 20s, low 30s) until Friday night when we might see some very minor frozen precipitation.

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  1. Dallas Texas has had more snow than us this year!