Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 23-25 Storm Update

We wanted to pass along a few tidbits of information for you that the GSD Staff has unearthed in the past twenty-four hours.

*The Sunday night/Monday morning snow has predictably evaporated. We could see a few stray flakes in South County but those flakes will not make for hazardous travel.

*The "big storm" now has two parts to it. There will be a small piece of it that will bring a few inches of snow on Tuesday night. Are delays possible for Wednesday? Unlikely.

*The second piece--which has MUCH more uncertainty to it--will be considerably more powerful and could bring up to an inch of liquid precipitation to the Berkshires on Wednesday night into Thursday. The good news is that our feelings about the timing have done a 180, and it is now the strongest indicator of our chances for a snow day on Thursday.

*The bad news--and there's always bad news--is that the models are leaning more toward a mixed precipitation and rain event. Yay. A few models are still predicting mostly snow, but there is still far too much uncertainty for anyone to get excited about a possible snow day on Thursday.

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