Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Storm Update

Some of our staff were out and about in Berkshire County tonight, and the storm just doesn't seem to have much oomph. Sadly, we're not feeling very good about delays tomorrow. Certainly that will change if we get a patch of sleet around 5:00 AM tomorrow, but the lack of energy and organization to the precipitation just doesn't appear to be there.

The bulk of the snow and sleet has slid to our east. There's a patch of rain down around New York City that is headed our way, but we think it will arrive in the Berkshires too early for it to shorten the school day. When it does arrive, though, it will bring a period of sleet and/or freezing rain.

The 9:15 radar. The green blob there over NYC is hopefully headed our way.
So...we're lowering our True North Confidence Meter a few points. We're still holding out hope for a few delays in our region, but chances are good that you or your children will have a full day of school tomorrow.

Our cold streak continues...

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