Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On to the Next Storm

Congratulations are in order for Southern Berkshire. They are on the board as the first public school district in the Berkshires to post a delay this year (that is, if our records are correct; let us know if that's not the case). They actually called in the delay the night before.

MCLA and Southern Berkshire are our clubhouse leaders with one delay each with just over a month to go in the season.

We've really been snakebitten this season. We've had a few delay- or snow-day-level events, but mostly they've fallen on weekends and during vacation. Yesterday, though, was just a near miss. Had the storm tracked 50 miles to the west...

Brace yourselves for heavy rain on Wednesday night and moderate and light rain on Thursday. Temperatures will soar into the 50s. The winds will also kick up on Thursday. We might catch a few snow showers on the back end of the storm, Thursday night and during the day Friday, but that's about all we'll see for snow from this bigger storm.

We are picking up signals for a moderate snow event next week, most likely in the Wednesday/Thursday (March 2-3) period. We've been down this road many-a-time, but the forecasting weather tools are showing the possibility of a measurable, plowable snowfall. It will not be a blockbuster (4-6 inches), but it will give us a chance of a delay or snow day.

Keep hope alive. The forecast for the next few weeks is lower than average temperatures, which means any precipitation that falls will have the potential to remain frozen. March still is considered "winter," so we can't rule out a random big storm at some point in the month.

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