Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snow: From Intermittent to Less Mittent

Snow showers will continue for another 24 hours or so, but the snow bands are starting to lose their intensity. It's unlikely we'll see much accumulation overnight tonight and tomorrow.

So now that that's out of the way, what do we have to look forward to?

1. An Arctic blast over the weekend that will have you wondering why you've chosen to live in this climate. Single digit highs on Saturday and Sunday and it will be windy. Negative double digits Saturday night. Record low temperatures for this date (Sunday) are possible. Freeze delays would have been in play; alas, it's vacation. Foiled again.

2. Some form of messiness on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 16-17). Snow, ice, rain, back to ice, finishing with snow--it's all in play and possibly heavy at times. School-sponsored sporting events could be in jeopardy Tuesday evening. We'll know much, much more over the weekend.

Priority number one tomorrow is to get out there and make sure you have a little extra firewood for the wood stove--you're going to need it.

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