Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Update for Feb. 23/24 Storm

We use the term "storm" very liberally here, but evidence continues to mount that we will see an extended period of frozen precipitation tonight into the morning commute. Delays are possible for some schools. We think more schools will be in session for a full day than schools with delayed starts.

 But first a word from Debbie Downer:

1) The surge of moisture--and it really won't be that much of surge--could come too early. 2) We also do not like the current temperature readings, which are in the mid-30s. If we want the rain to hold off, we need to see the temperatures drop by about five degrees. 3) The track record for meteorologists is often to over-play their hands when it comes to ice.

And now a word from Positive Pete:

This map shows how much snow (up to 3 inches) we'll get by noon on Wednesday. This is a best case scenario map. If it proves to be correct and the timing is spot on, then delays will be the order of the day tomorrow.

Travel safely tonight if you're driving around the Berkshires. The snow will be light; eventually, though, it will coat the roads. The sleet and freezing rain shouldn't kick in until after midnight.

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  1. Southern Berkshire is delayed for tomorrow already