Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Light Snow to Come

Yesterday's storm exceeded expectations on one level. While it didn't generate any delays or snow days (but we did come close), it did drop almost twice as much snow on the Berkshires as expected.

So...what's going to happen over the next few days?

Unfortunately, not too much. We won't see much if any snow during the daylight hours today (Tuesday), but we could see a few accumulating bands after dark. We don't anticipate there being enough snow for delays tomorrow.

Throughout the day on Wednesday and into the early hours of Thursday, we'll see more snow showers. Over the course of the day and evening we could get an inch or two at the most. A few of these snow showers/snow bands could be more potent, but the experts are saying that the Berkshires are not in the target zone for moderate or heavy snow.

Here's a forecast map through Thursday night that shows where the heavy snow will be:

Once again, we miss out on all the fun.

We're not entirely ruling out the chance for delays Wednesday or Thursday, but it's looking more likely that we'll have to endure another full week of school this week.

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