Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Winter Weather Advisory for Late Tuesday Night and Wednesday Morning

NOAA may have been planning to give us a Winter Weather Advisory all along, but it did come as a slight surprise that the advisory would extend into the Berkshires and all of Western Mass. The WWA was announced earlier this morning.

The forecast is for 1-3 inches of snow after midnight, followed by a brief period of sleet, and then a rapid change to all rain around daybreak. The storm is a fast-mover and will be finished up by midday tomorrow. Snow should start around midnight. At this point we see no reason to postpone evening activities.
It's coming. Will that green turn blue and come far enough east? We shall see.
If the storm tracks more to the east and slows down, delays will happen in Berkshire County. We do not like the forecasted temperature for the morning hours, though, which is why we are still not too fired up about the chances for widespread delays.

We will bump up the True North Confidence Meter a few points, and we'll also take a harder look at the data later today to see if the snow/sleet will last into that critical 5 AM to 6 AM decision time.

Don't get too excited tonight, but there is a slight chance for your school to have a delay tomorrow. We'll have one more brief update later on, hopefully before 10 PM.

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