Saturday, February 11, 2017

It Snow Joke...We're Going To Get It

We'll keep this simple because this post is late: we're going to get clobbered.

The Watch was finally upgraded to the Warning earlier this afternoon. We're now on track for 10-14 inches of snow for all of the Berkshires.

The two low pressure systems from the west will phase together, which will intensify the storm. The heaviest snow should fall between 6 and 9 PM Sunday, although we could see rates of over 1 inch per as early as 3 PM in the afternoon.

There might be a break in the intensity of the storm around midnight, and then once the low hits the coast, bombogenesis will occur, which will result in re-intensified snow fall rates around 2-3 AM. This part of the storm is what will lead to widespread snow days on Monday.

Not a minor storm.
Our best guesstimate is that snow will start to fall in Berkshire County at 10 AM and then not stop until 3 PM on Monday.

Maybe school districts should start to reconsider the need for February vacation!

You know we'll have more to say tomorrow (if the GSD Staff makes it back from eastern Mass).

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