Friday, February 10, 2017

Sunday/Monday Snow Event...And More

[This post was updated at 3:30 PM.]

Happy weekend, Followers of the Flake. It was a crazy week, but the forecast for next week has the potential to be even nuttier.

First, we do have snow in the forecast for tonight. A clipper will pass through and drop a quick 2-3 inches on us tonight. The cold will make this event broomable, not shovelable. A drop in the bucket for what might come.

Do not rush out and tell your neighbors that two major storms will hit us next week, but that potential exists. You can suggest it to them; just don't say it directly. Neither one is currently as certain as yesterday's storm. But if everything comes together, we could see close to two feet additional snow in the Berkshires next week.

A glancing blow? Thanks, Accuweather.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch starting Sunday morning at 7 AM and lasting until Monday night at 7 PM. The reason for the watch this early is the potential for 7+ inches of snow (lucky 7s). What is very encouraging for those folks who like as many snow days as possible is the long duration of this storm. It appears to be a much slower mover than yesterday's snowmaker, which could mean deep snow totals by Monday night. If the Watch stays a Watch, Monday will be iffy for delays and snow days. If the Watch becomes a Warning, it will be a three-day weekend for students.

But wait, there's more!

At the end of the week (Thursday/Friday), we're looking at another possible nor'easter if--and it's a giant if--the northern and southern low pressure systems phase together to make megastorm. Early runs of the models have raised that possibility, but we're not going to get too excited about that storm before we find out what happens on Sunday/Monday.

Regardless, the GSD Staff has plenty of work to do. This past week and next week are doing their best to make up for all of last winter and the paltry snow amount we received.

We should be able to produce forecast maps for you tomorrow. Until then...

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