Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello Winter!

Spirits are very high at the GSD Home Office after just an outstanding day of winter weather. The storm performed beautifully, and models and forecasters were spot on with their predictions for an old fashioned nor'easter. Major props to Accuweather meteorologist and Pennsylvania native Bernie Rayno who was way out in front of everyone on this one.

Here are a few snow totals for the Berkshires, as reported by the NWS:

We're surprised to see North Adams edge out Great Barrington, as we thought the totals for those two locales would have been the other way around.

It will be wicked cold tonight and tomorrow, and we mean wicked in the evil sense. Single digits overnight will be the norm, and we won't hit 20 degrees tomorrow for a high. And the wind will not do as any favors, pushing wind chill values down around 0 degrees for the first part of the day.

Most town supervisors should be able to get the roads clean, but there's an outside chance somebody out there will have a delay tomorrow.

We don't want to jinx it, but while everyone has been fretting about today's storm, the models have been busy predicting another nor'easter for Sunday night. We all just need to temper our enthusiasm. There's an outside chance, however, that Sunday's storm will rival this storm in terms of snow volume.

Easy there...
We really look forward to seeing what happens with this Sunday storm. As always, we'll update you as the vital data comes in.

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