Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snow Showers Tonight; Slim Chance for Delays Thursday

Another coastal storm is blasting Maine with another 6-12 inches right now, but around these parts we're only going to see an inch or two of snow tonight.

We do not think there will delays tomorrow morning, but there is an outside shot one or two schools calls in for the late start. Part of the problem is the warm temperature. It's 35 degrees at the GSD Home Office so the snow is not sticking to the roads. We will drop below freezing after midnight so we might see some accumulation on the roads.

We could see 3-4 inches if and only if the upslope snows continue and we get stuck in a few moderate bursts of snow. While this scenario is unlikely, it could play out and impact the morning commute.

No snow for the weekend, and we will see temps warm up to the 40s.

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