Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Delay Tomorrow; Squalls and Upslope Snow on Wednesday

Gabriel Abbott Memorial in Florida has a two-hour delay today, but that should be the only one for the County this morning.

Today will start out very cold (low teens) but warm up to almost 30 today. Our snow that we hoped would impact the morning commute tomorrow is going to hold off until midmorning. The snow tomorrow will be more of the snow squall variety, which means it will be intermittent and hard to predict. A few strong squalls could coat the roads quickly, but these squalls will not be enough to impact the school day on Wednesday. On Wednesday night we could see the return of upslope snow. We'll keep an eye on that situation to see if it will impact the Thursday morning drive to school.

After early Thursday morning, we'll see a period of relative quiet until the middle of next week. Temps in the mid-40s this weekend. Get out the shorts!

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