Monday, February 6, 2017

What To Expect For Tuesday

The latest round of info we've gathered is trending in a better direction for those who desire another snow day, and we're assuming that is you, dear reader.

The NWS has made a slight change to the end of the Winter Weather Advisory. It will now end at 1 AM (Wednesday) instead of 7 PM Tuesday. Even though you would think this change has no bearing on whether or not we will have a snow day on Tuesday, it actually does. It means that the forecasters looking at the models think it's going to stay colder longer. In fact, one of our trusted sources believes that portions of eastern Berkshire County may not reach 33 degrees until midnight on Tuesday. 

Because it is supposed to stay colder longer, we will see 1 inch of snow south of I-90 and 2 inches or so north of I-90, especially in the higher elevations and eastern Berkshire county. And then the changeover will take place around noon. More importantly, the period of sleet and freezing rain should extend to the mid-afternoon hours. Because icy driving conditions could exist at the end of the school day, we could see several Superintendents make the decision to keep students home because of the unpredictability of driving conditions in sleet and freezing rain.

The expected ice accumulation during the day tomorrow. North Adams, Adams/Cheshire, Central Berkshire have a better chance for snow days tomorrow than others if this map proves to be accurate.
So, the decision tomorrow morning appears that it will be based on expected snow/sleet, not on what the conditions are like when Superintendents wake up. There's an outside chance that precipitation will start around 7 AM, but it is more likely to begin in the 8:30 to 10:00 AM window for most of Berkshire County. Delays don't make sense, and because of the higher likelihood for snow and sleet at noon, the early release is also likely out of the question.

We will reluctantly bump up the True North Confidence Meter a few ticks, but in no way should students bank on a snow day tomorrow. We heard rumors of students planning to host sleepovers and to blow off their homework. That is outrageously bold behavior and in no way do we condone it. Our confidence for county-wide cancellations is still low.

We'll repeat what we said earlier--so much of this decision will come down to the prudence and/or courage of your Superintendent.  

If we learn anything new, we'll update you by 10 PM.

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