Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nor'easter Number 2

After a pleasant couple of inches of snow last night and calm conditions today, things are really going tor ramp up between the hours of noon Sunday and 9 AM Monday.

Let's get right to the current maps:

Even though this storm seems even more powerful than the previous storm--and it well could end up being so--there is some iffy-ness to it that is tempering our enthusiasm just slightly. First, it will be a much heavier snow, which means that temperatures will be at our just below freezing. Any slight wobble in the temperature could greatly impact the total snow amount and drop us into the 4-6 inch zone. Second, the timing isn't great. It will snow heavily Sunday afternoon and night, but we're not sure if it will last all the way through the Monday morning commute. Third, Superintendents are just worn out and really don't want to call snow day #6 or #7 (for many schools). Fourth, we're not quite sure why we haven't been upgraded from the Winter Storm Watch to the Winter Storm Warning, although we think that change could happen within the next few hours.

But here's what we like about the storm: 1) Tremendous volume potentially. 2) Blowing and drifting of snow likely well into Monday. 3) Storms this year have been hanging in for several hours longer than originally predicted. 4) There could be significant "up slope" wrap-around snow from the back part of the storm as it exits the region. We could easily see another 3-6 inches on Monday from the back part of the storm.

It's very likely we'll all be enjoying a three-day weekend. Just a side note: Most of the staff is off to another regional conference in Cambridge, MA this weekend, but we hear they have wifi there so we'll be able to update you. We should have an update much later this evening.

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