Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh Boy!

We thought February might be exciting, and for the next 48 hours that is certainly the case.

As the kids say these days, the weather is lit. As in, the Tom Brady was lit in the fourth quarter Sunday night.

Why's it lit? The Winter Weather Advisory still isn't over and the NWS has already thrown out a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow night and Thursday. Plus, there's an Ice Storm Warning in the Adirondacks tonight, which you don't see every day.

Thanks, Accuweather.
Snow days are very possible for Thursday, especially for Southern Berkshire, Berkshire Hills, Lenox and Lee, all of whom got left out in the cold today and had to endure a full day of school. Model trends suggest that folks in the bottom half of Berkshire County could get 4-7 inches of snow, with over 7 inches possible in if the storm really ramps up. Students north of I-90 will see 3-5 inches of snow.

The best part of Thursday's storm is its timing, as snow will start at or around midnight and last throughout the day on Thursday. Cha-ching!

We might all be miserable in June, as a snow day on Thursday will run the season total to five for about half the schools in Berkshire County, but the GSD Staff can guarantee that there aren't too many students complaining, especially those 12th Graders who don't have to make up any snow days.

How's that look, South County?
Before you start making your plans for a snow day Thursday, keep in mind that there is a chance that this storm could slide out to sea and leave us with a paltry 1-3 inches, which might lead to a few delays and not much else. Don't jinx it by getting cocky about it.

You know we'll have more about this developing situation tomorrow, especially if (and when) the NWS gives South County the full Winter Storm Warning at some time tomorrow. Look for it.

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