Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sorting Out the Active Weather Pattern

It sure is going to be busy around these parts for the next 9 or 10 days, and we at GSD will happily sort it all out for you so you can plan your busy winter schedules.

We did not end up getting the real cold snap we thought we might (single digits) for the end of this week, so temperatures are pretty much right where they should be for this time of year: mid-20s for highs; teens for lows.

We will see a warm-up in the middle of next week, which is going to complicate the forecast for Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, that's the day we're eyeing as the one with the best chance for some kind of shorter school day.

But let's start from the beginning. This weekend--if it is going to snow, that snow will fall on Sunday. We only expect a few showers in the afternoon, with less than an inch of accumulation. The "big storm" we were hoping for earlier in the week will only be enjoyed by hearty mariners and aquatic creatures.

There are strong indications that we will see a shovelable amount of snow on Tuesday. The problems are that it will start in the middle of the day and that temps will warm up as the day goes along, changing our moderate snow storm to a snow/sleet/rain event. The big question will be how long the frozen precipitation lasts before the conversion. We have no idea right now if it will last into the Wednesday morning commute, but obviously that's what we're pulling for.

We could see a brief changeover from rain back to snow on Wednesday afternoon, and then it will be quiet for a few days until more light snow is expected on Saturday with some accumulation.

Once again we're looking at a Tuesday/Wednesday event with possible delays and snow days on Wednesday. This has been the favored storm timing this winter season.

Did you know there are only 11 school days until February vacation? The tempus sure is fugitting.

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