Thursday, March 31, 2016

Now It's a Monday Storm

The more we're looking at this snowstorm potential, the more the GSD Staff is now considering Monday as the target day for a snow day.

There is still A LOT that can go wrong with this storm--in fact, we should probably expect everything to go wrong with this storm--but it's looking like the snow could start as early as Monday morning. That would mean Monday is very much in play for a potential snow day.

For that to happen, we would need the following to happen:

1. Predicted snowfall of at least 4-6 inches.
2. A storm window that lasts at least until late afternoon.
3. A predicted start time of 7 or 8 AM.

If these conditions are met, then the chance for a snow day could be higher than a regular evening snowfall where we wait for the morning to see if the roads are fine. If superintendents know a moderate snowfall is coming, they might be reluctant to put buses on the road during an afternoon commute that has the potential to be very messy. Plus, because there are plenty of snow days still on the shelves, superintendents might be willing break one out and throw everyone a bone.

Those really desperate for a snow day, you need to start rooting for this storm to begin in the morning on Monday.

We'll know more tomorrow night.

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