Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Snow Storms (No Foolin')

We've consulted the weather oracles, and the high priests and priestesses are still cautiously optimistic about a moderate to heavy snow storm for Tuesday. Very little has changed since yesterday.

There does seem to be a good deal of uncertainty about Sunday's snow. Most signs show just a chance for intermittent snow showers, but some of the recent runs of the model are indicating a more prolonged period of snow Sunday morning. No matter what happens on Sunday in the Berkshires, the totals will not be very high, perhaps 1-3 inches.

As for Tuesday's storm, take a look at this map:

Courtesy of NOA.
This map shows how much liquid precipitation we're supposed to get through Tuesday. If this map proves to be accurate, we're in the 0.6" range. If we convert that liquid to snow, we're looking at 6 inches, plus or minus an inch. A 5-7 inch snowstorm--if it were timed right--would most assuredly cancel school for the day.

One thing that's certain about the storm for Tuesday: it will be cold enough for all snow. No changeover is expected, which is also something we haven't been able to say about many storms this year.

We'll have more about this intriguing situation tomorrow.

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