Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April Snow Showers Bring...Glee? Rage? Indifference?

Having just written the obituary for Winter 2015-16, the GSD Office is suddenly back in action and in full storm forecasting mode. No, we are not testing out our new Thunderstorm Prediction Machine. We're looking at bona fide snow events. That's right. Plural.

After months of warm temperatures, it looks like the first week of April will look more like the first week of February. Temperatures will plummet after Thursday (highs in the upper 60s!) and become decidedly frigid and wintery by Sunday. Friday and Saturday will be very manageable (50s), but the cold front zips in on Saturday night, along with it the possibility for a few inches of snow late Saturday and early Sunday. Higher terrains in the Berkshires could see up to 4 inches. By Monday morning, temps will be in the mid-teens.

But the bigger news--because it could involve school closures--is a larger storm expected for Monday night into Tuesday. From our various weather sources, we have encountered the words "moderate to heavy snow event" in association with this storm. Great googly moogly!

We know, we know. We've been down this road before this year. We completely understand your skepticism. The only thing different about this storm--and it's not insignificant--is that the Euro and North American models are all already in agreement about the size of this storm. We'll just have to wait and see, but there might be something special about this storm.

We're on it and will be updating daily.

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