Friday, March 18, 2016

Rein In Your Enthusiasm

Overnight the GSD Staff received bad news. The storm that will affect us Sunday night into Monday is looking like it wants to journey farther to the south and east. This means less liquid precipitation over our area, which means less snow.

Realistically, snow lovers need to readjust their thinking and hope there's enough snow for a delay. We definitely think there will be snow Sunday night, but based on what we're hearing from our sources, there will only be about a third of an inch of liquid precipitation connected with this storm. This means four inches or fewer. Rats.

We're not giving up hope, though. The Euro and North American models are starting to come into agreement, but still a few runs of the models give us a big storm. Again, all it takes is a 50 mile shift in the track of the storm and we could hit the jackpot.

For now, take it down a notch and wait for more precise information later today and tomorrow. There will be changes yet to the forecast.

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