Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Monday Storm Update

We've checked our go-to weather forecasting resources, and the current trend is that this storm is only going to graze us. And most people sound like they'd rather see spring than a last gasp from Old Man Winter on Monday anyway, so it might work out for the best.

As of today, Accuweather is not favoring snow for our area.
Still...history has shown that the pattern with the computer models is as follows: 1) the models show a big storm hitting our area six or seven days in advance of the storm. 2) The models become less clear four or five days before the storm and forecasters get cold feet. 3) Two or three days before the storm the models re-establish the original forecast for the storm and weather people get excited once again.

So, what we're saying is that there's still a chance the storm could take a more westerly track and give us a good six inches of snow on Monday. We are not at all saying that we think that will happen, but there's about a 20% chance of a moderate snowfall occurring.

But the evidence is suggesting that the storm is tracking farther to the east than snow lovers would like.

Just an FYI: don't be alarmed if you see a few flakes in the afternoon and evening on Friday. A very light accumulation is possible once the temperatures get to freezing.

We'll have more tomorrow.

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