Saturday, March 19, 2016

And There She Goes

We are now taking names for the Winter of 2015-16. Leading candidates:

Winter 2015-16: The UnWinter
Non-Winter 2015-16, Sponsored by El Nino
Winter 2015-16: Four Seasons Are, Like, So Overrated.
Winter 2015-16: At Least We Won't Have Classes in July!
Winter 2015-16: You're Hilarious, Mother Nature.
Winter 2015-16: (Whatever.)

Here's the latest on our big Monday storm.

Thanks, Accuweather! (Feel free to read the exclamation mark as facetious.)
Going, going, gone!

We deeply apologize for getting your hopes up. We'll see you in August for a Super Long-Range Forecast for the Winter of 2016-17!

(Actually--bitterness aside--we'll probably post a few times before then. We're still in the snow window for this year. And it's been a few years since we've had a good April snowstorm. Perhaps we're due. In the meantime, enjoy another full week of school. Only four more weeks until April vacation.)

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