Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep the Winter Boots Handy...

As soon as we posted our "spring has sprung" declaration, we kind of knew this would happen. You've probably heard about it already, but there is a 50/50 chance for a significant snow storm on Sunday night into Monday. If the storm does what it is currently forecasted to do, we could be looking at widespread snow days in our region on Monday.

Of course Monday is the first day that high school students can begin spring sports. Wouldn't it be just like Old Man Winter to mess with us in this fashion?

The ingredients should be in place for a storm. The temperature will cool back down toward freezing over the weekend. A storm is supposed to form in the southeast and track up the coast. The current projected swath of wintery precipitation is from Washington DC on up, including all of New England.

But once bitten, twice shy. The North American model takes the storm farther east out to sea. The Euro model put the path closer to the coast (which would mean a significant snow storm). It's far too early for anyone to know which path the storm will take.

At this point, most people seem ready to move on to spring and be done with winter. Yet, we're sure there won't be too many complaints from students if they get a three-day weekend. Either way, we're on the case and will update with reliable information as soon as more of it comes in from our weather sources.

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