Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Not Feeling It

We just took one more gander at the radar and we're not liking what we're seeing, if we're going to get delays tomorrow.

First, we would be remiss to mention that it's still nearly 40 degrees at 9:15! The temperature actually went up the last few hours. Not a good sign number one.

Not a good sign number 2:

The 9:20 PM radar on Tuesday.
It just doesn't look as if the brunt of the storm is going to impact our are long enough to generate bad road conditions. Our guess is that the grass might be covered by an inch or so of snow by tomorrow morning, but the roads will be merely wet (not slippery).

We hope for once that we're wrong. (Not an arrogant "once," as in "at GSD we're never wrong"; "once" as in "just once this winter can't a storm become worse (more snow and ice) and not change to rain?")

We'll run a tally of delays if they come in tomorrow.

We will have an update about Friday's snow tomorrow. Friday could yield us more snow than prognosticators originally thought. We are a desperate bunch of weather watchers these days.

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