Friday, April 1, 2016

Snow Sunday & Monday

Guaranteed: Accumulating snow in the Berkshires by noon on Tuesday.

Not Guaranteed: How much snow will fall. When it will fall.

First things first: You will likely wake up on Sunday and find snow falling from the sky. A cold front is moving in and an Alberta Clipper system is coming in from the west. We could see 1-3 inches on Sunday (by noon). The roads might be warm enough initially to melt the snow, but flash freezing and hazardous driving conditions are likely on Sunday morning. If this situation occurred on a school day, we'd see many delays for certain.

An appealing map from the Weather Channel. TWC is forecasting an earlier storm; Accuweather has the storm 6 hours later. Either forecast could be problematic for those who want a snow day.
As for Monday (or is it Tuesday? No wait, Monday?). Well, that's the problem. The very bad news is that storm could be in the dead zone--between 3 PM and midnight on Monday. It's not a nor'easter, so the duration of the storm will be limited to a 10-12 hour period. We could see 4-5 inches of snow, but it all might fall in the afternoon and evening hours, which would mean no snow days for anyone in the county. The irony would be rich, wouldn't it? We finally get a decent snow storm, but it falls right in the perfect time for it not to effect the regular school day.

Our suggestion for this storm: take the "glass is half empty" approach. The more you set yourself up with high hopes, the shorter the fall back down to the unpleasant reality that some higher power has determined that there will not be a snow day this winter.

In our spare time, the staff has tried to analyze why the Berkshires would be punished with a snowless winter, and we can really only find one answer: it's the 12th graders in our county. Typically, they don't have to make up snow days, as they regularly remind the underclasspersons. They must have done something sinister to anger the snow gods because payback has been harsh.

This storm (or storms) is not an April Fool's joke, nor is the final chapters for these storms written. More real data about the storm will follow over the weekend.

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