Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory Starts at 6 PM

As expected, the WWA was announced earlier by the NWS and it is in effect from 6 PM Saturday to midnight Sunday. As we detailed earlier, the snow totals are not going to be that high from this storm: 3-5" for North County and 1-3" South.

The real reason for the WWA is the threat of freezing rain. We should see rain early, then snow, then a period of freezing rain especially south of Pittsfield. The Saturday night portion of the storm should only bring 1 or 2 inches of slushy snow.

Part two of the storm takes place on Sunday and will give our area an additional couple of inches throughout the day. It will be messy for about 24 hours starting Saturday night. Drivers should take it slow on the roads, but the GSD Staff does not feel it will be necessary to cancel any activities, meetings, games, etc. on Sunday.

As for next week...

Our Tuesday storm is shaping into a Tuesday-into-Wednesday weather event. The temps are a concern, and rain may creep into the discussion. If there's ice--which at this point is a reasonable expectation--then a delay is certainly within the realm of possibility.

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