Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morning Report for Storm Esme

Main roads look passable up here in North County, but there is a lot of moisture on the way (despite the lull we'll experience from 5 AM to 7 AM). Side roads are mostly snow-covered. We haven't seen the wind kick up yet, but it's going to at some point this morning.

South Berkshire is first in with a 2-hr. delay--we'll just have to wait and see if other districts follow suit. Our best guess is a 50/50 split for delays and a full day of school for the districts of the County, with a possible full snow day outlier.

We'll keep this list updated throughout the morning:

So. Berkshire -- 2 hr. delay
Central Berkshire -- 2 hr. delay
BART -- 2 hr. delay
North Adams -- 2 hr. delay
Mount Greylock -- 2 hr. delay
McCann -- 2 hr. delay
Adams-Cheshire -- 2 hr. delay

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