Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Watch-and-Wait Time

Despite the WSW announced earlier today, most local meteorologists are taking a conservative and cautious approach with this storm. As they say: Fool me once...

With the big fizzle over the weekend, it's no surprise there's not a lot of hype coming from local weatherpeople. Most are calling for 1-3" or 2-4" by morning, which would be enough to generate a delay and likely not a snow day.

Thanks to Accuweather for this map.
As much as we'd like to commit to a full snow day prediction for the Berkshires tomorrow, there's just too much conflicting information right now. Temps will be lower and the easterly strong wind will work in our favor, but there is a column of drier and warmer air now wedging itself into the forecast. Based on the radar, a wall of substantial moisture is definitely zeroing in on us.

It looks like the heaviest period of precip--whether it's wet snow or sleet--will be tomorrow morning during the commute. As a result, we've upped our chances of a delay. Those in the northern part of the County have a much better chance of a delay than those habitants of the South.

A lot can and will happen before we know for sure what's to transpire. Still, there's a good chance the length of the school day will be affected in some manner tomorrow for North County and higher elevations. We'll have a more specific prediction for the region later this evening.

[We're holding off on naming this storm just yet. We had a tie in the voting, but a few on the staff are fans of Salinger, so we will go with Esme if and when we need to honor this storm with a name.]

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