Friday, February 8, 2013

Phasing Begins for Diamond/Nemo

Very light snow is starting to fall in the Berkshires. We've had almost a mist of snow off and on in the Northern Berkshires this morning, with a few bursts of larger-flaked snow showers. The energy of the two storms is ever so slowly starting to phase, so we should see light blue on the radar start to pop up and spread over our region in the next few hours.

The first big surge of heavy snow is still several hours away. We guess by 4:00 (earlier in SoCo) that you won't want to be on the roads.

We're very much looking forward to seeing the woods fill up with snow, as a poet once said. Hopefully the wind will not be severe and cause power outages.

We're still confident that we'll see close to 18" throughout the Berkshires by the end of it all tomorrow. We'll have details on the expected timing of the end of the storm later this afternoon or tonight.

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