Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blockbuster Next Week?

Sorry we didn't get to a post this morning. Precipitation was so light that we didn't feel the need. We're still seeing a few snow showers today, but, again, they're mostly insignificant and will be vacating the area by Saturday.

The GSD Staff is alert to a developing situation for Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The jet stream will be moving into a perfect shape for the formation of a coastal storm that might get blocked or stuck over our region. The hype machine will kick in early for this developing situation--just you watch!

More about the "Omega Block" in a future post. (courtesy of Accuweather)
Over the weekend, diminishing snow showers throughout the weekend with temps in the high 30s and possible breaks of sun late afternoon on Saturday and, more likely, on Sunday.

Eyes wide open for the potential monster storm next week.

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