Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Morning Update

We've finally made it to Friday. No real news to report other than Central Berkshire is in with a cancellation--not surprised at there--and North Adams has not reported in is in with the early release. And we're taking BaRT off the list as its early release is not storm-related.

It's likely we will see no snow until everyone is safe and sound at home. Once it does start snowing this afternoon, it will come down heavy. Our best prediction for the snow to start is right around 12:00 for South County and 1:00 for the North. We may see a few minor snow showers before then but no steady snow.

There's a nice wall of moisture right around Long Island moving due north at a fairly slow pace. That will be the first of the moisture to impact our area. And then we're in for a long night.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow.

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