Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday/Sunday Storm

Let's cut to the chase. Here's the latest:

*Still all snow for Northern Berkshire County; a mixed bag of wet snow, sleet, and rain for South County.

*The storm appears to be moving more to the east. This means lower snow totals. We think 3-6 inches is a best-bet scenario for the Berkshires. 6" for the North and closer to 3" South.

*The timing is now later on Saturday, closer to nightfall. The heaviest period of snow will likely be from 6 PM Saturday to 4 AM on Sunday, but we still should see measurable bands of snow on Sunday through midday and the afternoon.

*We don't see a radical shift in this forecast for the better. If anything, we'll see a big fizzle and only a few inches of slushy snow when it's all said and done.

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