Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Esme Lingers

Technically, the Northern Berkshires are still under a Winter Storm Warning. The warning is for those living in elevations above 1500 feet, and an advisory is still in effect for those whose heads are not in the clouds. This Warning/Advisory will last until 6 AM tomorrow morning.

NOAA suggests we may get up to 4" of snow tonight (below 1500 feet). Looking at the radar, that estimate is very much on the high side. The storm center is over the NY/PA border and beginning to circulate in a typical counter-clockwise manner. Most of the moisture has lifted to our north, but there are still impressive bands of precipitation well to the southeast that are making their way toward us.

We may see a few extended bursts of snow tonight. We're going to bump up the chance for a delay on the trusty True North Confidence Meter, but be aware that this guesstimate is only for towns north of Pittsfield. Mid County and South County will have a full day of school tomorrow. So will northern districts, too, in all likelihood, but we can't dismiss the possibility of a delay.

Tomorrow will still be gray with rain showers and possible snow showers intermittently throughout the day. Esme wasn't much to write home about, but now she's acting like that relative who stays to visit just one extra night too long. Feel free to move along any time now, my dear.

Check in tomorrow early to see if any schools have called for a delay.

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