Thursday, February 7, 2013

Storm Diamond/Nemo Evening Update

The Warning is up, so that means the NWS thinks it's definitely going to snow hard (that's no surprise). We're in the 12-18 range according to the Warning statement, and the snow should start in the morning.

Congrats to students in the Northern Berkshire district--your administrators showed tremendous leadership and announced a full snow day. Lee is also in early with a bold early release call. We'll see if that holds up. The dominoes may start to fall in the next few hours.

We won't be able to update the school announcements as they happen this evening, so keep your eyes and ears open. We'll give a full school rundown later this evening after many of our readers have closed their eyes for the night.

We're taking up both the chance of a snow day to 50% and the early release to 100%. This means we still have a good chance at a snow day and if there's no snow day, we will definitely have an early release.


  1. MGRHS, LES, and WES officially have an early release!

  2. Just got the call - MG early release at 11AM