Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Weather Advisory for Monday -- More Info

We've looked more closely at the impending weather situation, and we can tell you more information:

1. The precipitation should hit around 4 or 5 AM. Obviously, the timing is perfect.

2. There's a big piece of moisture curling toward the Great Lakes and a big piece over Alabama and Georgia. Perhaps surprisingly, this moisture is all connected in a giant comma that's making its way east/northeast (it's actually a giant warm front). Unfortunately, the thinnest part of this comma/warm front is over Pennsylvania and the part that will eventually pass over us. Based on the radar, we're not going to see a long period of moisture.

3. Yet...there are some signs that moisture is being pulled in from the south and filling in ahead of and around this warm front. This could extend how long it snows/sleets/freezes in the Berkshires.

Based on this info, we're going to downgrade our chances of a delay slightly. We still think the predicted messiness tomorrow morning needs attention from road crews and Superintendents. By all means do your work tonight, but a few of you in the County may get a bonus shorter day. Not a terrible way to start the week!

[A quick shout out to Hamden, CT--one of our staffer's hometowns--for racking up 40" from Blizzard Nemo. Congratulations, you are the big winner!]

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  1. Wow, 40" of snow that is crazy. I live in Hartford and it is freezing. I am waiting for the heater repair guy to come because my house is so cold. What a brutal storm this was!