Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Storm 12.8: WWA Posted--4-6" Expected

At 4 this morning, the NWS posted a Winter Weather Advisory for our area calling for anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. The NWS is as unsure as we are about the actual time of the changeover from rain to snow. Even though the storm will race through, there is a lot of moisture with the storm.

The GSD Staff concern is that the bulk of the moisture is going to fall as rain, leaving us only a few inches of snow once the changeover comes. Despite Accuweather's bold prediction of 7.1 inches for NorBerk, the GSD Staff is calling for 3-4 inches.

Rain will fall for most of the day, and we think the changeover will take place between 10 and midnight this evening for Northern Berkshire. We're still not feeling the love for a snow day and are going with the delay as our strong play of the day.


  1. Is the snow going to stay on the ground or is it going to melt before winter break?

  2. This round of snow will melt by the beginning of next week but we can't rule out another storm or two before the break.