Thursday, December 8, 2011

Storm 12.8 Recap: An Early Season Fizzle

In the end, the 12.8 storm only produced about 4 inches of snow. There was plenty of moisture for there to be more snow, but the storm just seemed to accelerate as it strengthened off the coast of New Jersey and Long Island. It blew through much quicker than we even thought it would.

Road crews were out about 4 am, and it appeared they had been practicing their technique in the off-season as the roads were completely fine by about 5.

The bad news is that there's very little stormy activity in the long-range forecast. Alas. Temps are going to come down to more seasonal highs (low 30s), which will only help the next storm. With cold air locked in place, the next storm should start as snow.

Next week looks very dry, but hopefully there will be some good news for the week after. With vacation just around the corner, some people are content to get to the holiday break without a snow day. We at GSD find that kind of thinking simply preposterous.

We'll update with a longer term forecast over the weekend. Get out and enjoy the few inches of snow while they last!

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  1. You've probably already seen this, but I thought it looked extremely promising and just had to pass it along!