Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Storm 12.8: Delay Only...Maybe

We'd love to be the bearer of better news, but the harsh winter reality is that this storm, like James Dean, will have a brief, intense life. Odds are still better than not for a delay, but no one should be surprised if we have a full day of school.

We still will see close to 6" on grassy surfaces, but the warm wetness of the roads will keep the snow off those moving vehicle thoroughfares for the first part of the snow storm. Add in the early end to the event, and we're definitely looking at a partial day of school if not an entire day. Darn it.

Encouraging news from Bob K but we're still skeptical.

Don't forget that the GSD Staff is also slightly gun shy here. We can't predict a snow day and then have it not come through on the first legitimate snow day opportunity of the season. We got all caught up in the hype of the big April Fool's Day storm of 2010 and got burned. If we overshoot the mark on the first go- round of the winter of 2011-12, how will we be able to earn back your faith?

We're still somewhat confident that we'll have a delay of some kind. Robo-call will be coming in around 6 or 6:15...if it happens at all.


  1. FYI Just spotted some sleet in N. Williamstown.

  2. Just changed to snow and rain.