Sunday, December 11, 2011

2nd Half of December Predictions

Greetings to all you weather fiends. Despite the disappointing performance of our 12.8 storm, let's be honest--we really didn't think that one would be the one to break the ice, so to speak, for our first school-schedule alteration of the 2011-12 season.

To no one's surprise, the week of 12.12 is not looking particularly promising. Temps will warm up and then drop down, but it's as dry as Leake County, Mississippi here in the Northeast. We're not looking at anything until the 19th or 20th that might give the Superintendent agita.

The good news--and kudos to our weather tipster for alerting us to this article--is that the week before that big celebration of the birth of a major religious figure looks like it might be a lively one on the ol' weather front. With a big shift in the jet stream, the Northeast could be in the path of one, two, or three possible weather systems. White Christmas? The GSD staff is definitely saying there's a chance.

We'll update next Tuesday's storm as this week progresses. You'll just have to endure the week, but keep your hopes up for the week of the 19th. With Friday the 24th off for most folks, there's no enormously pressing need for a snow day that week, but it would be a nice Secret Santa gift from Mother Nature to us all if she could come through.

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