Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Storm 12.8: Shovels at the Ready

Channel 13's latest snowfall prediction map:

This map indicates a couple of things:
1. NorBerk may be just slightly out of the range of this storm;
2. SoBerk could get the brunt of the snow, with upwards of 8 inches in the higher elevations;
3. A 50-mile shift in the track of the storm will affect snow totals radically

Under normal circumstances, we would want the low to track more northerly to bring more moisture over our area. The downside to a more northerly track is that not enough cold air will be pulled into place to give us a mostly snow event after midnight.

Given how many factors need to line up for us, the GSD Staff is still very skeptical about too much coming of this storm. We're still firmly behind the real chance of a delay, but the full snow day seems less likely.

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