Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long Range Winter Forecast: Stormy but Warmer

The good people at Accuweather unveiled their updated long-range forecast for the winter, and the survey says....STORMY!

That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it.

It appears that our La Nina is weak-to-moderate this year, which will give us plenty of storms but temps will be slightly warmer. This will make forecasting a nightmare, and we'll be riding out those long nights of determining the snow/ice/rain changeover lines and times. But with major upgrades to the GSD main frame computer in the off-season, you can count on Your Official Snow Brokers to deliver the goods the night before any decision is made. There's no question that school administrations will make some head-scratching decisions, but you'll always know that the GSD call will have been the right call. We didn't get to a 97.65% by happenstance.

December's still not looking that desirable. Mother Nature's going to get her beauty rest to close out 2011, but then she's going to wind up and bring the cheese again and again after the New Year. Prepare to button up the ol' chinstrap.

For many more details and the national forecast for the winter of 2012, check out Accuweather.

Wednesday of next week is looking more and more like rain with a chance of snow showers late Wednesday night into Thursday. This storm's pulse is barely perceptible.

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